acrylic on panel

Among dreams and monster tales

Dan May's gentle, furry monsters have always maintained a level of humanity. And, surprisingly or not, May's recent collection, called "Into the wild" expands this humanity into a deeper emotional level. Living in Jacksonville, FL, Dan May has exhibited his haunting surreal visions in galleries throughout the US and abroad.

Dan May, Curious Dreamers Wander Thy SolitudeDan May, Curious Dreamers Wander Thy Solitude

Mysticism and sensuality with a fashion sense

It's hard to say that she's focusing on a certain area although sensual mystical women are her usual subjects. Martine Johanna's works are a combination of multiple feelings, sensations, and personal experiences. She also finds inspiration in the vastest of cultural, historical and mythological backgrounds she never ceases to explore.

Martine Johanna, DeeperMartine Johanna, Deeper

Focus on Uncertain Times

Amy Casey's paintings recreate, with acrylic on panel, on canvas or on paper, her nightmares concerning the end of the world. "Inspired by natural and unnatural disasters, personal fiascos and never-ending stream of bad news coming from the media, the world inside my paintings has been turned (sometimes literally) upside down. The ground has crumbled underneath them and the sky is falling", says Amy.

Amy Casey, Keeping it TogetherAmy Casey, Keeping it Together, 2009

Magic world, magic paintings

Kelly Vivanco admits she enjoys painting without planning, just letting her imagination run free and see where it takes her. To people who ask what are her artworks about she encourages them to find their own meanings. The artist depicts a late childhood’s fantasy world where animal talk (and wear hats) and young girls are the heroines of great adventures which imply magic wildlife, treasures, fairies, epic tests and a secret reward.

Kelly Vivanco, Offshore

Kelly Vivanco, Offshore

Art among skeletons

Joe Vollan's art seems inspired by nightmares, fears, menaces, by nature and its cruel rules. And most of all, Joe Vollan's paintings are without exception author's mind processes. Through his surrealistic pieces of art, painted in their majority with acrylic on panel and acrylic on canvas, he creates bizarre worlds. He creates fantastic tales, where skeletons, giant whales, humanized birds and other terrifying creatures live their adventures like people in the real world do; they die, they suffer and most of all, they are willing to escape their own monsters.Joe Vollan Painting