dark surrealism

Nastplas: when pixels turn to dreams

Ever since I began studying photography, I fell in love with the art of photo manipulation for the way it pushes the limits of my imagination. But instead of trying to understand the technical process, I prefer “diving” into the story, admiring the beauty of the artwork I lay my eyes on. When I first saw Nastplas designs, I had mixed feelings; I was overwhelmed by the multitude of ideas and sensations that came out of those artworks, as in front of an open soul. They look like dreams unraveled in front of my eyes.

Nastplas, Aria Desktopography, 2010Nastplas, Aria Desktopography, 2010

Nightmarish world of Anton Semenov

27 years old Russian artist Anton Semenov creates dark surreal digital-art pieces inspired by everyday life. Considering the world as today one can easily understand the tenebrous connotation in art, but Anton's disturbing vision is one that stays in your mind for a very long time. 

City Of Decay by Anton SemenovCity Of Decay by Anton Semenov